Latest Read

My latest book was Rescuing Kassie by Susan Stoker.

Susan Stoker’s books are amazing. I’ve not read one that didn’t pull me into the story.
Kassie and Holywood met on a dating website. Although Kassie had anterior motives for meeting him, they got to know each other and finally meet at an army ball. Within hours a Kassie comes clean with why she met him. Holywood goes off on one, not allowing her to explain. Eventually calming and discussing things with his team, he reads an email Kassie sends explaining why.

Rescuing Kassie took me through a ride of a range emotions and spat me out the other side thirsty for more. i hadn’t read the previous books in this particular series but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of story. The previous books have now been subjected to one click!


Nessie’s Necessity

My first post

OK, well I thought I would give this a try so stay with me and maybe point me in the right direction if I go wrong. Any hints or tips would be appreciated!

This blog will mainly be about Authors, books, photographers, cover models and anything else I think might be interesting!

I have been reading all my life, anything that takes my interest really. Books to me are a stress reliever, they let me into a world where I can get away from the daily grind. Where I can lose myself in an alternate world, where a great author can have me living out the story alongside its characters.

So if you see me reading and I don’t answer you I’m not being rude…I’m just not in the here and now!